Is Bitcoin Going to dead in 2018

Simply, the answer is Not At All.

Knowing these 4 variables and staying updated on these trends can make you a better BTC trader. You can easily analyze when the prices will fall or rise by yourself. Yes, each and every time.

bitcoin chart

The current Chinese ban on exchanges and statements from JP Morgan did see a sharp drop in the prices and to no surprise, it has begun to rise again.

Now, we’ve already seen the effects of Media influence & Government regulations, although they are short lived.

  • Media influence.
  • BTC demand & supply.
  • Government Regulations.
  • Stability of the BTC network.

BTC network has been stable so far and I don’t see its bubble being burst in the near future.

And BTC will be alive as of today and in the near future. And supply & the demand has increased tremendously in the past 6 months.

Every moment, someone has tried to bring BTC down, it has risen again. With over 225k transactions throughout the world on a daily basis, Bitcoin isn’t going to be dead in the forthcoming days, or even in the not too distant future.

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